The International Bobbin and Needle Lace Organization

LACE has an appeal that is truly worldwide. Many lacemakers and lovers of lace belong to organizations that support and encourage the traditions of lacemaking in their own countries. OIDFA is different, indeed unique, in that it is an organization for lacemakers of different countries (currently over 35) with a focus that transcends nationality.

OIDFA Congresses have been held every two years since the first one in Le Puy-en-Velay in 1982. The last congress, in July 2014, was held in Adelaide (Australia), and Ljubljana (Slovenia) will host the next one in 2016.

OIDFA’s activities reflect its international focus. The most obvious manifestation of this is the biennial Congress. The last congress, in July 2014, was held in Adelaide (Australia), and Ljubljana (Slovenia) will host the next Congress in 2016. The Congress allows lacemakers from all over the world to meet, exhibit their lace, exchange ideas and impart knowledge about their craft. Between congresses members maintain contact with OIDFA and one another through a quarterly Bulletin containing articles and news. A further aspect of OIDFA is its Work and Study Groups, which conduct and publish research on lace topics with an international perspective. In our website you will find more about these activities, together with details of how OIDFA is run. And if you are considering joining the organization, you can find full details on the Membership page.

Most recent updates

‘Point Ground Lace’ reprint now available.

Congress page updated with pictures from Adelaide 2014 and dates for Ljubljana 2016.

Organization page updated with details of new EC and AC members.

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