The first OIDFA Congress was held in 1982 at Le Puy-en-Velay, and subsequent congresses have been held every two years until the recent interruption because of the Covid pandemic.

The next Congress will be: 4th — 6th August, 2023, on-line.
As the Congress, classes, lectures, and special events will all be on-line, the 2023 Congress will provide all members with the opportunity to attend, regardless of their location; and, with no travel and hotel costs, the event will be much cheaper.

More information, including details of the Competition, will be available in Bulletin No.3, 2022.

The formats of different Congresses vary, but there are always lectures on lace topics, and exhibitions of lace by member countries — especially the host nation — and by OIDFA Work and Study groups. Suppliers are on hand with lace and textile items from different countries, and there are generally trips to museums and places of local interest. The Congress also includes the General Assembly of the organization. Physical congresses are usually preceded by three and a half-day workshops focussing on laces of the host country, and is followed by a five-day tour of the country, visiting places of particular interest to lacemakers.

Tartu Competition

Although the 2020/21 Congress in Tartu was cancelled, the competition went ahead as entries had already been received. Of course, judging was ‘virtual’ — on the basis of photographs. We show the prize winners below.

Gallery of Competition Prize-Winners

The theme of the competition for Tartu was ‘Fairy Tale’. Below is a virtual gallery of the prize-winning entries. Click (or tap) on a thumbnail to start. Move from one image to the next using the direction arrows, arrow keys or by swiping (mobile). Click or tap on the ‘×’ to finish.


Popular Choice

The winner of the on-line voting for the popular choice was Hiromi Uchiyama (Japan):

The other entries can be seen in the gallery below (which works like the one above):

I 002 : Innocent Curiosity (for my mentor H) — Sachiko Okajima (Japan)
I 003 : Fairytale of my life — Jarmila Rybánska (Slovakia)
I 004 : Winter wonderland — Tatjana Maslova (Russia)
I 005 : Little Red riding hood — Christine Koukoulari (Greece)
I 006 : The Little Mermaid — Margarita Rogova (Russia)
I 008 : Cinderella — Sylvie Légaré (Canada)
I 012 : Christmas — Olga Arhipova (Russia)
I 015 : Albireo — Hiromi Uchiyama (Japan)
I 025 : Butterfly Dance — Lidija Miliuhhina (Russia)
I 026 : The Milky Way — Istvánné Turós (Hungary)
I 027 : My Dream and reality are the same — Bedő Istvánné (Hungary)
I 029 : Beauty of Butterfly Wings — Marie Maděrová (Slovakia)
I 034 : Cinderalice — Alice Skennar (Australia)
I 035 : Baba Yaga — Sabrina Pinato (Italy)
I 036 : Cat and Fox deceive Pinocchio — Agnese Molinelli (Italy)
I 037 : Pinocchio — Agnese Molinelli (Italy)
I 038 : Little red riding hood — Gerda Maria Herff (Germany)
I 039 : The princess and the pea — Katherine Brandle (UK)
I 040 : Dragon pilgrim to India — Europa Chang-Dawson (UK)
I 041 : Wonder Mirror — Katalin Szarvas (Hungary)
I 042 : NZ-Taniwha — Jessie Snedden (New Zealand)
I 043 : The Princess and the sea — M. Mercè Rovira i Regas (Spain)
I 044 : Alice in Wonderland — Anna Voronova (Russia)
I 045 : Dreaming, building up worlds of fairytales — Teresa Yanutolo Vives (Spain)
I 047 : Silver hoof — Jelena Zubkova (Russia)
G 009 : Pinocchio — Carla Zanchi, Elena Bartolini (Italy)
G 023 : Fairies of the Season — Alsoörsi csipkemühely (Hungary)
G 030 : By the Pike’s Command — Studio Lacemaker (Russia)
Y 007 : Golden Water — Martina Jurman and others (Slovenia)
Y 010 : A fairy tale, something beautiful, colourful and playful — Rebeka Cankar (Slovenia)
Y 011 : A book of fairy tales — Nina Cankar (Slovenia)
Y 013 : Fairytale castle — Terezija Praznik (Slovenia)
Y 014 : The Fairytale cottage — Markéta Fabiánková (Czech Republic)
Y 016 : Unicorn — Ema Klančnik (Slovenia)
Y 017 : Maya the Bee — Nika Mravlja (Slovenia)
Y 018 : Pippi Longstocking — Group from Idrija lace school (Slovenia)
Y 019 : The Fairy-tale Tree — Kristjan Likar (Slovenia)
Y 020 : The bird of paradise — Sofia Zoppellarone Lapanje (Slovenia)
Y 021 : Little Mermaid — Eneja Pregelj (Slovenia)
Y 022 : Dragon — Mateja Lavrenčič (Slovenia)
Y 028 : Fashion Designer — Marta Liliana Iles (Hungary)
Y 031 : The Steadfast Tin Soldier — Vera Mirošnitšenko (Russia)
Y 032 : Pinocchio and Malvina — Jekaterina Maksimova (Russia)
Y 033 : Cheerful striped raccoon — Ekaterina Novikova (Russia)