THE first OIDFA Congress was held in 1982 at Le Puy-en-Velay (France), and subsequent congresses have been organized by a different nation every two years until the recent interruption because of the Covid pandemic.

The next Congress will be: 4th — 6th August 2023,
virtual and on-site, with classes and tours before and afterwards.

OIDFA Congress 2023 will be a hybrid Congress with virtual and on-site activities in Nova Gorica (Slovenia) and Gorizia (Italy).

Virtual activities include classes, lectures, exhibits, visits to locations around the globe, and participation in on-site events (for example the General Assembly). ‘Open the Drawers, Behind the Scenes’ is the theme for many of the virtual lectures and courses.

On-site activities include classes, lectures, meetings, exhibitions, dinner, vendors/suppliers, and trips to museums and places of local interest. The on-site Congress includes the General Assembly of the organization. Dates for classes and tours are in the planning stages. More information about the sister cities can be found here.

† Local tourist board Nova Gorica and Vipava valley

2023 Congress Competition

There will be a competition with the theme ‘Red Thread’. See Bulletin No.2, 2022 for details.
Closing date for entries: 31st December 2022.
Full details can be found here, and an entry form here.

Tartu Congress (2021)

The theme of the competition for Tartu was ‘Fairy Tale’. Below is a virtual gallery of the prize-winning entries. Click (or tap) on a thumbnail to start. Move from one image to the next using the direction arrows, arrow keys or by swiping (mobile). Click or tap on the ‘×’ to finish.


The winner of the on-line voting for the popular choice was Hiromi Uchiyama (Japan):

The other entries can be seen in the gallery below (which works like the one above):

I 002 : Innocent Curiosity (for my mentor H) — Sachiko Okajima (Japan)
I 003 : Fairytale of my life — Jarmila Rybánska (Slovakia)
I 004 : Winter wonderland — Tatjana Maslova (Russia)
I 005 : Little Red riding hood — Christine Koukoulari (Greece)
I 006 : The Little Mermaid — Margarita Rogova (Russia)
I 008 : Cinderella — Sylvie Légaré (Canada)
I 012 : Christmas — Olga Arhipova (Russia)
I 015 : Albireo — Hiromi Uchiyama (Japan)
I 025 : Butterfly Dance — Lidija Miliuhhina (Russia)
I 026 : The Milky Way — Istvánné Turós (Hungary)
I 027 : My Dream and reality are the same — Bedő Istvánné (Hungary)
I 029 : Beauty of Butterfly Wings — Marie Maděrová (Slovakia)
I 034 : Cinderalice — Alice Skennar (Australia)
I 035 : Baba Yaga — Sabrina Pinato (Italy)
I 036 : Cat and Fox deceive Pinocchio — Agnese Molinelli (Italy)
I 037 : Pinocchio — Agnese Molinelli (Italy)
I 038 : Little red riding hood — Gerda Maria Herff (Germany)
I 039 : The princess and the pea — Katherine Brandle (UK)
I 040 : Dragon pilgrim to India — Europa Chang-Dawson (UK)
I 041 : Wonder Mirror — Katalin Szarvas (Hungary)
I 042 : NZ-Taniwha — Jessie Snedden (New Zealand)
I 043 : The Princess and the sea — M. Mercè Rovira i Regas (Spain)
I 044 : Alice in Wonderland — Anna Voronova (Russia)
I 045 : Dreaming, building up worlds of fairytales — Teresa Yanutolo Vives (Spain)
I 047 : Silver hoof — Jelena Zubkova (Russia)
G 009 : Pinocchio — Carla Zanchi, Elena Bartolini (Italy)
G 023 : Fairies of the Season — Alsoörsi csipkemühely (Hungary)
G 030 : By the Pike’s Command — Studio Lacemaker (Russia)
Y 007 : Golden Water — Martina Jurman and others (Slovenia)
Y 010 : A fairy tale, something beautiful, colourful and playful — Rebeka Cankar (Slovenia)
Y 011 : A book of fairy tales — Nina Cankar (Slovenia)
Y 013 : Fairytale castle — Terezija Praznik (Slovenia)
Y 014 : The Fairytale cottage — Markéta Fabiánková (Czech Republic)
Y 016 : Unicorn — Ema Klančnik (Slovenia)
Y 017 : Maya the Bee — Nika Mravlja (Slovenia)
Y 018 : Pippi Longstocking — Group from Idrija lace school (Slovenia)
Y 019 : The Fairy-tale Tree — Kristjan Likar (Slovenia)
Y 020 : The bird of paradise — Sofia Zoppellarone Lapanje (Slovenia)
Y 021 : Little Mermaid — Eneja Pregelj (Slovenia)
Y 022 : Dragon — Mateja Lavrenčič (Slovenia)
Y 028 : Fashion Designer — Marta Liliana Iles (Hungary)
Y 031 : The Steadfast Tin Soldier — Vera Mirošnitšenko (Russia)
Y 032 : Pinocchio and Malvina — Jekaterina Maksimova (Russia)
Y 033 : Cheerful striped raccoon — Ekaterina Novikova (Russia)