The Work and Study Groups conduct research on a variety of topics related to bobbin or needle lace. The groups periodically provide articles for publication in the Bulletin, and the final results of their studies can sometimes be published in book form or as a folder containing patterns and working diagrams. Visit the Publication Page for details of books available. Each group is provided with a stand during the OIDFA Congress to exhibit material and other interesting aspects of their research.

Proposals for new Work or Study Groups may be made at any time. Currently active groups are listed below.

OIDFA Work Group: Lace in the Italian Folk Costumes

President: Alessandra Caputo

This group will carry out a detailed study of lace garments in Italian traditional costumes, starting with the collection in the National Museum of Folk Arts and Traditions in Rome.

OIDFA Work Group: Lace in the German Folk Costumes

President: Elda Gantner

This group has so far published books on lace in costumes from four regions of Germany: from the Schwalm, the Black Forest, Dachau and Hermannsberg (out of print).

OIDFA Work Group: Russian Ceremonial Towels

President: Elena Gorbunova

This group will carry out a detailed study of the famous ceremonial towels that have been so prominent in Russian daily life. The lace lining these towels will be presented and explained in a book to be published at a later date.

OIDFA Work Group: Lace Heritage in the Spanish Catholic Church

President: Maria Mercé Rovira Regas

This group will carry out a detailed study of the lace found in Spanish Catholic Churches.

Photo credits: MUSEU MARÉS DE LA PUNTA, ARENYS DE MAR (Catalunya, Spain)


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