21st OIDFA World Lace Congress and General Assembly 2025
It is official!  OIDFA Congress 2025 will be held in Bulgaria – Karlovo & Kalofer. Congress dates are 16-18 August 2025.
The Congress includes Bulgaria’s national lace festival on 15 August 2025 and continues with exhibits, lectures, events, vendors, and Congress.
See OIDFA Bulletin 3 for more information.
Courses: 11-14 August 2025
National Lace Festival: 15 August 2025
Congress: 16-18 August 2025
Tour: 19-23 August 2025

The festivities include Bulgaria’s National Lace Festival on 15 August in Kalofer, the home of the Creative Center of Kalofer Bobbin Lace. The festival gathers friends, admirers and lacemakers from all over the coun­try and abroad. Every year, the highlights of the celebra­tion are different – fashion shows, round tables and dis­cussions, exhibitions and demonstrations, as well as a jazz concert under the stars.

Lace Competition Theme: Connections
Connection, defined by the Oxford English Dictionary: “A relationship in which a person, thing, or idea is linked or associated with something else”. We make connections daily. Some remain for life, others have a short existence. We connect with people and create eternal friendships; we connect the lessons of everyday life and build our worldview; we connect the ancient with the modern and help the wheel of life keep turning. Our entire world is a collection of countless connections.

If there were no connections between the individual threads, even lacemaking would be impossible.

Put your imagination to work, grab your bobbins and needles and show us your take on the subject. We can’t wait to see your creations!

All entries should reach the Committee between 1st and 30th June 2025 to be eligible for entry, together with entry forms. Entry forms will be available on the OIDFA website and from OIDFA.Bulgaria@gmail.com.


In Bulgaria there are several airports, the closest and easiest to access the congress venue are those in Sofia, Plovdiv and Burgas.
From there, transport to Karlovo and Kalofer can be carried out by train, bus, rental car as well as buses provided especially for the congress. To reach the two towns by car it takes approximately 2-2¼  hours from Sofia, 1 hour from Plovdiv, and 2½-3 hours from Burgas.

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