Individual OIDFA members in each country may elect up to three members to represent them on the Administrative Council (AC). Elected Administrative Council members need to have been an OIDFA member for at least two years. The number to be elected from each country depends upon the number of members in that country. Elections are held every two years to coincide with the General Assembly meetings. Members serve a 6 year term. After this term, they are ineligible to stand for election to the Council for two years. In between two elections, if there is a vacancy in a country, Council members may be appointed for one further term of 2 years. The AC meets once a year. During the Congress year this meeting is held during the Congress. In the intervening year it is held at the location of the next Congress. Important tasks of the Council are to elect members to the Executive Committee and to decide the venues for future Congresses.
Download the nomination form for membership to the Administrative Council.

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