Quick Facts: All Lectures will be held between 15:00 – 18:00 Central European Time. Each lecture is approximately 1½ hours. The Zoom link will be sent to all participants before the lectures begin on 17 July, 2024. A Q&A will take place after the lecture. Unable to watch the live lecture? The lectures are being recorded and will be available for all Virtual Congress registrants on the Congress Attendees Only page after the last lecture. YouTube has a translation capability – with subtitles. Click on the presenter’s name (in the lecture description) to learn more about the presenter. ALL LECTURE TIMES LISTED ARE CENTRAL EUROPEAN TIME.

Fees: All participants must be registered to attend Virtual Congress 2024. Virtual registration includes 8 lectures including Lace BINGO. Virtual registration for members is 42 €. Virtual registration for non-members is 67 €. Registration for each virtual course (12 hours) is 130€.

History of Italian Three Pairs Flanders Stitch,
Wednesday 17 July 15:00 CET
Rosita D’Ercoli, Italy

In Gorizia, Italy, in the 1930s the three pairs Flanders stitch appeared in the stitch vocabulary of the lacemakers.  Discover how the technique was ‘born’ and how it is made.

The Lace Collection in the Barcelona Museum of Design
Wednesday 17 July 16:30 CET
Joan Miquel Llodrà, University of Barcelona, Spain

The lecture is focused on the description of the origin and formation of the public lace collection of the museums of Barcelona, back in the late 1880s, and now conserved in the Museum of Design. Joan MIquel will discuss some of the most beautiful and important laces in that collection and, of course, some of the persons, many women, who made all that possible.

Metal Lace on Traditional Dress
Saturday 20 July 15:00 CET
Linda Gross, USA

Explore the use of metal lace on traditional dress from Europe. You may be familiar with metal lace on western fashion and ecclesiastical garments, but did you know metal lace is also used on traditional clothing in many European cultures? OIDFA member Linda Gross is a passionate collector of traditional dress from around the world.  With the help of selected pieces from her collection, Linda will highlight metal lace on regional dress.

Lace BINGO Game
Saturday 20 July 16:30 CET
Devon Thein, USA
Lace Bingo is a fun way to learn about many types of lace in a game format. Each player receives a playing board marked with 25 squares. Each square contains the name of a lace. Prizes will be awarded. See the Lace BINGO page for complete information.

The Archives Tell a Story
Sunday 21 July 15:00 CET
Geneviève Olloix, Departmental Archives of Puy-de-Dôme, France
The Archives contains many drawings deposited in the 19th and 20th centuries by lace merchants to prove their ownership of the pattern. These drawings testify to the inventiveness, variety and technicality of a disappeared domestic activity. Based on objects found in the Archives a story is brought to life of the economic and social activity of the time. The exhibition is accompanied by lace based on old drawings, some interpreted in color, patterns presented by volunteer lacemakers, works of students in Bac Pro Crafts and Artistic Professions, and works by Marie-Thérèse Bonniol.
As an actor in this cultural event, Geneviève Olloix will guide us in this retrospective of the information contained in the Archives and encourage us to resurrect these great prickngs. More than 200 drawings, available to all, free of rights, are waiting to be «reinterpreted», with the only obligation to indicate their origin.

Introduction to a Method for Creating 3D Bobbin Lace
Sunday 21 July 16:30 CET
Julie Agrain, France

Advancements in the field of digital technologies allow for a fundamental reconsideration of production methods, whether they be industrial or artisanal. This study explores the potential of employing 3D modeling and additive manufacturing as integral tools in crafting three-dimensional bobbin lace. 
The collaboration of Julie Agrain, Adélaïde Albouy-Kissi and Antoine Poulain on this project contributed to the implementation of the “Dentellation” research program run by the Institut Pascal of the Université Clermont-Auvergne and the Scop Fontanille.

The Lace Factories of Retournac
Wednesday 24 July 15:00 CET
Fanny Roilett, Heritage Conservation Officer, Director of the Museum of Lace Manufactures, France

With an important lace-making past, the Retournac commune was a major center of bobbin lace production. The lecture will retrace the history of the Experton family, owner of four lace factories, and will explain how the lace-making activity of Haute-Loire was at the heart of international exchanges.  The Museum of Lace Manufactures, which is based on the preservation of two factories in their entirety, was opened in 2007.

Fashioning Our World – Unpicking the past to thread together the future
Wednesday 24 July 16:30 CET
Katy England, Salisbury Museum, Great Britain

The Fashioning Our World exhibition and project at the Salsibury Museum discovers the hidden stories told by clothes and accessories from the past. The project was worked in a collaborative way with young people to share these powerful stories with the community, change attitudes to fashion in the future and help fight the climate crisis. Over the last seven years Katy has been working alongside young people aged between 11 and 25 to explore the Fashion Collection at the Salisbury Museum

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