Congress On-site TOUR, Day 1

After the onsite Congress, you are invited to join an exciting five day Congress Tour (7 – 11 August, 2023) around south-western Slovenia and north-eastern Italy. The rich program includes visits to exhibitions and museums, especially those with a lace and textile connection, as well as cultural and natural attractions in both countries. Lunches during the tour will be included in the price.  You will book your own accommodation which will enable you to regulate the price of your tour by booking the accommodation which suits you best. We will start and finish each day of the tour in Nova Gorica, so you can choose any of the Congress accommodations, from the Student Dormitory to four star hotels.

DAY 1: Monday, 7 August, 2023

We will start our journey by visiting an exhibition which illustrates the fatal impact the state border (and changes to the border) between the Federal People’s Republic of Yugoslavia, today the Republic of Slovenia, and the Republic of Italy, has had on the lives of people along the border and beyond.

Later, we will visit Kostanjevica Monastery where members of the French House of Bourbon are buried in the church crypt. We will also see the second largest public collection of the original Bourbon roses in Europe (the only larger one is at Roseraie de l’Haÿ near Paris).

Roses at the Kostanjevica Monastery
garden in full bloom.
Photo: Kostanjevica Monastery
Many women from the Goriška region served in Egypt to support their families. Photo: Wikipedia

Our tour will continue to the world’s longest stone arch railroad bridge where we will admire the emerald River Soča. Its unique beauty was also recognised by the filmmakers of The Chronicles of Narnia, who filmed some of the most exciting scenes of that famous movie by the River Soča.

We will finish the day by visiting an exhibition about the Alexandrian women. The term ‘Alexandrian women’ was invented by the local people of the Goriška region for the girls and women who worked in Egypt as cooks, maids, nannies, wet nurses, governesses, dressmakers, etc. during the construction of the Suez Canal.

Check the itinerary for Day 2 here.

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