General Information
Price per person: Prices will be announced in the following editions of the Bulletin and website. The price will include accommodation in twin rooms, bus transportation, tour guide, entrance fees, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Day 1
Tuesday 19 August 2025: Karlovo – Plovdiv
Visit to Plovdiv: Plovdiv is one of the cultural capitals of Europe. In addition to the multi-layered thousand-year-old archaeological sites and natural features, there is an interesting historical circumstance that led to the introduction of needle lace. It is the settlement of a large group of Armenian refugees in the city at the beginning of the twentieth century, who brought a different version of this type of lace.
In the Ethnographic Museum there are many traditional items of clothing’ from different historical periods’ decorated with needle lace.

Day 2
Wednesday 20 August 2025 : Plovdiv – Ihtiman – Dupnitsa
Visit to Ihtiman and Dupnitsa
In the Historical Museum in Ihtiman, you will see wide strips of delicate and airy webs of needle lace. The style is strongly influenced by Armenian lace, adapted to fit the shape of the Bulgarian folk costume. Stripes of hand-woven textiles and needle lace alternate in unique white aprons. A fashion show of these clothes will be organized for the guests of the Congress, on the stairs of the museum. There will be sets of clothes for those who wish to dress up and be photographed as Bulgarian women in traditional costume.

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