Lecture Series: Let’s Peak Inside Museo del Traje (Costume Museum) in Madrid

Lecture presented by Maria Greil

Sunday, 5 March, 2023; 15:00 Central European Time

OIDFA Member Lecture Series

In her lecture, Maria Greil will take us behind the scenes and focus on the laces in the stores; the laces rarely seen.   She will present photos from the inventory of the Costume Museum, CIPE, in Madrid, and some of her own taken from visits to the Museum’s collections, as well as exhibitions carried out by the Museum itself.

Pics: Centro de Investigación del Patrimonio Etnológico

The Museum has many pieces, although most of them are trimmed on clothes that are not mentioned on the corresponding inventory cards. The museum has many examples of mechanical and handmade laces.   It was fashionable to wear new mechanical lace, but before the 19 century only handmade lace is found.  Join us as we peek inside Museo del Traje, theCostume Museum, CIPE, Madrid, Spain, through the lens of Maria Greil.

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