On line lecture: Behind the Doors of Heritage Malta’s National Textiles Collection – Curation and Conservation of Maltese Lace

Annamaria Gatt & Claire Bonavia, Malta

Wednesday, 26 July, 2023  15:00 CET

An introduction to the Maltese National Textiles Collection, with particular emphasis on domestic lace.  This collection dates back to 1903 when the first donations were registered.  Importance is given to preservation and safeguarding this intangible cultural heritage from the curatorial and conservation restoration point of view.

Annamaria Gatt is the Curator of Costumes and Textiles at the National Museum of Ethnography in Vittoriso which is housed in the Inquisitor’s Palace.  She is also a YouTube presenter for Heritage Malta in their series, “Treasure To Meet You.”

Claire Bonavia is the Principal Conservator of Textiles and Paper at the National Museum of Ethnography in Vittoriso, Malta.  She has also lectured on the conservation process.

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