On-line lecture: Pitsi-Pirtti/Lace Cottage – Exhibition of the Bobbin Lace Designs of Eeva-Liisa Kortelahti 

Marketta Palo and Tanja AarnioFinland 

The lace pictured was created by Eeva-Liisa Kortelahti for the OIDFA World Lace Congress in Turku, Finland, in 1996.

Saturday19 August, 2023 15:00 CET

Eeva-Liisa Kortelahti has been a name in the lacemakers’ world since the late 1970’s.  She has designed many original patterns and published 12 books as well as individual prickings and working diagrams.  This presentation is an interview with Eeva-Liisa, in English and French, as well as a virtual visit to her collection at Pitsi-Pirtti cottage. There will be an article in Bulletin 2/2023.

Inside the cottage.

Marketta Palo has a masters in Education and a bachelors in Occupational Therapy.  She has been making lace since 1980 and studied lace in Belgium.  Her special areas of interest are Finnish lace caps from the end of 18th century and laces with double ground.

Tanja Aarnio has a degree in Crafts and has been a lacemaker since 2015.

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