On site lecture: Veliki Dol Becomes a Čipkasti (Lacemaking) Dol Again

Neža Bandel, President, Cultural Society Kalunca, Veliki Dol, Slovenia

Veliki Dol becomes a Čipkasti (Lacemaking) Dol again.
Photo: Archive of Cultural Society Kalunca

Sunday, 6 August 14:40 cet

Veliki Dol is a small village in the Karst, the picturesque south-western part of Slovenia, where no-one would expect to find lacemakers. But there used to be a bobbin lace school in the village. What happens when a young inexperienced lacemaker discovers the forgotten history of the village she lives in?

The lecture will take place at Telovadnica, address: Rejčeva ulica 1b, Nova Gorica, Slovenia. The multipurpose centre is in the very centre of the city. The lecture will last 30 minutes followed by a 10 minute question and answer period.

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