– The OIDFA Congress 2023 Pattern Book includes over 80 patterns from designers and lacemakers from around the world.  It is available in two (2) formats.
– Both formats – digital and printed – include all the prickings, photographs, basic information, and other diagrams as supplied by the lacemaker. The printed book has a spiral binding.
– The digital file is available for those copies ordered on the website. The link to download the digital file will be sent after payment is received.
– The printed format has a spiral binding and includes the prickings, photographs, and basic information. Preorders for a limited printing are now being accepted.  Preorders will be accepted through February 28, 2024.  When the cost of postage is determined, an invoice will be sent with the total purchase amount due. 
Digital File:
0 € – On-site Congress 2023 Attendees
€25 – Virtual Congress 2023 Attendees
€30 – All others
Printed Book:
€30 + postage – On-site and Virtual Congress Attendees
€35 + postage – All others

Payment Options :
No payment is made directly on the website.

1. Direct bank transfer – you send funds directly from your bank. Indicate on the transfer the item, your name, and  membership number.
2. An account can be setup with WISE.com. Within the EU funds can be sent directly from your bank to OIDFA with minimal fees without using WISE.com. Countries outside the EU incur charges to send funds and OIDFA incurs charges to receive the funds. When using WISE.com, the recipient (OIDFA) incurs no charges and charges to send funds are very low. For example: If funds are sent from the USA, a digital pattern book priced at 30 € has fees of approximately $1.35 (plus exchange funds – amount may vary according to the current exchange rate). WISE.com or the app on your phone is a safe and secure way to transfer money internationally. Any funds transfer method may be used, but all bank charges are to be covered by the payer.
3. Credit card payment arranged directly with OIDFA.  Handling fee – 1.50€ for a digital copy.  Handling fee for a printed book depends upon shipping charges.  If credit card payment is chosen, send an email to vpoidfa@gmail.com.  OIDFA will send you an invoice. 

OIDFA Bank InformationBank: BNP PARIBAS; Address: 4, Place de Mexico 75016 Paris 16 France; non-profit organization; IBAN code: FR76 3000 4015 3000 0100 7135 282; BIC code: BNPAFRPPXXX; Email address: gentreasurer@oidfa.com. Comment area: include your name, member number, item 

Reminder: On-site Congress 2023 registration included a free digital copy of the pattern folder. On-site participants who have ordered and paid for the printed folder will receive it by mail.

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