The Hidden Side of Lace – Member Lecture Series

Lecture by: Lieve Lams, Belgium

Sunday, 12 November, 2023 15:00CET; 9:00am-EST

Walk through the exhibition ‘The Hidden Side of Lace’ and enjoy the wonderful lace and textile works that have been made by Belgian students in art academies. Lieve will explain how these pieces of art came into being and what was the focus. The students are part of art schools, so they combine different techniques and art forms. The historical section of the exhibition highlights the importance of professional knowledge.

Lieve Lams was born into a family of lace designers and studied to be a teacher.  With a specialty in antique lace in 1983 she opened a lace shop with a small museum in Leuven.  She was a lace teacher at the Academy of Arts in Leuven, university city until 2021.  She is author of the book ‘Kant Wereldwijd’ (Lace worldwide) published in 1994. Lieve has organized important lace exhibitions together with colleagues from other lace departments, including: Living Lace Leuven 1998 and The Hidden Side of Lace Leuven 2022. 

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