The Wit and Whimsey of Milanese Bobbin Lace – a lecture by Elizabeth Kurella

As part of the Member Lecture Series, OIDFA presents:

The Wit and Whimsey of Milanese Bobbin Lace by Elizabeth Kurella, USA

on Sunday, 14 April, 2024 15:00 CET; 9:00am-EST

Witty and whimsical is how Santina Levey describes Milanese bobbin lace in her epic lace history book. With a complete zoological garden of wacky critters and a wide range of decorative three dimensional raised effects it has provided a wealth of inspiration for lacemakers for centuries, with unending surprises for lacemakers today.  Dip into the wellspring of plain, fancy, and over-the-top special effects in Milanese bobbin lace through Elizabeth Kurella’s extensive collection of vintage Milanese lace pieces, and additional museum views.

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