Virtual Course: Flemish Needle Lace

Kristel Cromheeke, Netherlands     

 Create a panda in needle lace in the traditional Flemish way.  We start from the beginning and build it up with a variety of typical needle lace stitches. The course will be given in English and/or French.  Handouts will be given with the necessary explanations.  You don’t need any prior knowledge of lace or stitching.  You only need to love to work with needle and thread.

Kristel Cromheeke, Netherlands, learned needle lace 20 years ago from one of the last ladies who did this in Flanders as her job.  She learned it at school as a child and from her mother and aunt.  Later on she learned contemporary stitches from a lady in her eighties in Flanders who learned it in Zele, the center of needle lace in Flanders.  Kristel is currently teaching needle lace online for the Kantcentrum in Bruges and currently working on a website where visitors will be able to find the techniques of the Flemish needle lace in lessons and projects.

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Dates and times: 14,15,17,18 August 2023 

All courses will be held between 15:00 – 18:00 Central European Time. This time may be adjusted slightly according to the time zones of the participants in each class. The classes will be recorded and available to students until 18 September, 2023.

Fees: The Virtual course registration (12 hour class) is 125€ plus the appropriate registration fees. The Virtual early bird registration is 25€ which includes 9 lectures. The Virtual registration after March 31 is 40€. Non-member registration fee is an additional 25€.

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