Virtual Course: LANDSCAPES – with bobbin lace improvisation

Bistra Pisancheva, Bulgaria 

With threads of different colors and thicknesses we can paint beautiful lace landscapes, and have a lot of fun too!  Bistra’s way of working offers a different look at the possibilities of an ancient technology that lives on today and that has its future. In her opinion, “This can be done with individual improvisation. I achieve this by technically changing textures existing in traditional practices.”

Bistra Pisancheva

Bistra Pisancheva, Bulgaria  Lace is not my profession, I have been practicing for 25 years. For the past 7 years I have been teaching my way of interpreting bobbin lace and also as a cultural anthropologist researching contemporary lace makers. As a teacher and researcher I am mostly one of them, I believe that everyone can make their lace better than I can. I don’t have my own reserved territory, I’m just looking for more application opportunities for this practice to survive. Last year I defended my doctorate title with a doctoral thesis on “Lace: Cultural Technologies and Social Practices,” and this year the text was published in the form of a book. I did this to introduce new audiences to the issues of modern lacemakers.

Read more about Bistra’s teaching strategy on the supply list document. 

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Dates: 24, 25, 27, 28 July 2023

All courses will be held between 15:00 – 18:00 Central European Time. This time may be adjusted slightly according to the time zones of the participants in each class. An introductory class (practice session) with The Lace Museum class moderator and the Instructor will be held a week or more before the scheduled class. All students are asked to participate in the practice session. The classes will be recorded and available to students until 18 September, 2023.

Fees: The Virtual course registration (12 hour class) is 125€ plus the appropriate registration fees. The Virtual early bird registration is 25€ which includes 9 lectures. The Virtual registration after March 31 is 40€ . Non-member registration fee is an additional 25€.  

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