Virtual Course – Round and Round in Circles

Jane Atkinson, UK   

Circular design

This course encourages original circular design on A3-size polar Plotadot grids (to be supplied). It starts with the creation of a very personal straight geometric design (inspired using pattern stamps) which is then transferred to a circular grid; that experience is then broadened with papercut and other more fluid shapes, stylised and organic patterns drawn from everyday life. It is accompanied by many examples of finished lace, often demonstrating the innovative use of colour. 

The course is suitable for all levels of design expertise, aimed always at the novice; the basic requirement is that students must be able to make a straight piece of Torchon lace.

Jane Atkinson

Jane Atkinson, UK, is a contemporary bobbin lace artist. Speciality: creative Diamond Mesh laces, in geometric, abstract, stylised and freeform. Website: Teaches in The Adventurous Lacemakers via Patreon, presentations and video; video workshops for DFZ.

Languages: English and some French.

Dates: 24, 25, 27, 28 July, 2023

All courses will be held between 15:00 – 18:00 Central European Time. This time may be adjusted slightly according to the time zones of the participants in each class. An introductory class (practice session) with The Lace Museum class moderator and the Instructor will be held a week or more before the scheduled class. All students are asked to participate in the practice session. The classes will be recorded and available to students until 18 September, 2023. 

Fees: The Virtual course registration (12 hour class) is 125€ plus the appropriate registration fees. The Virtual early bird registration is 25€ which includes 9 lectures. The Virtual registration after March 31 is 40€. Non-member registration fee is an additional 25€.
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The course will be proceeded by a tutorial with the instructor to enable students to create their own pattern stamps. Prior to the class, each student must also create at least one, or more, of the rubber stamp teaching aids (that the tutor would normally bring to class) which will help them generate ‘instant Torchon’ patterns. It is important that students attend the tutorial.

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