Applications for the Young Lacemakers Grant Scheme

OIDFA, which is an organisation open to lacemakers of all ages, has instituted a Young Lacemaker Grant Scheme. 

The Young Lacemakers Grant makes available a grant of $1000 for someone 18-30 years old who is interested in lace research or a lace project.  The grant will be presented to someone at the Congress in July. 

"Study for Vila do Conde Lacemaker ((1916) - Eduardo Viana (1881-1967)" by pedrosimoes7 is licensed under CC BY 2.0.
“Study for Vila do Conde Lacemaker ((1916) – Eduardo Viana (1881-1967)”
Source: pedrosimoes7

The purpose of introducing a system of grant(s) is to enable young lacemakers to achieve success in their chosen field of lace study, and to further the knowledge and development of lace making.

OIDFA invites applications each year the General Assembly meets (2023, 2025 etc.) from young lacemakers who are interested in carrying out in-depth study into any aspect of lace making such as:

  • lace history,
  • lace traditions,
  • lace techniques (traditional and contemporary),
  • a comparative study of one type of lace or different types of laces,
  • lace design by traditional methods or computer generated,
  • lace in arts, design and architecture,
  • or any other lace related subject.

To learn more about the grant scheme click here.

 The closing date is 30 April 2023. Application forms are available for download.

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